Physical Development

We always care and make efforts to improve physical and mental life of ITCers. Half-funded Kungfu and Yoga, free Cardio HIIT, Fountain of Youth classes and fully equipped mini-Gym at ITC building have become a typical culture of ITC and a favorite after-work activity for many ITC members.

Gym at ITC

A fully equipped mini-Gym is the foundation of a corporate wellness programme at ITC. It is a convenient and accessible means for all members pursue their fitness goals, a space for relaxation or an outlet for frustration, and can be a place where relationships are built to buttress company cohesion.

Cardio Tabata HIIT

Cardio is a systematic method of combining high-intensity exercises to help control heart rate while supporting blood circulation and supporting cells to burn excess fat effectively. In addition, HIIT is a cardiorespiratory training technique that involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by even shorter rest periods. Tabata is a type of HIIT whose round involves eight intervals of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. ITC Cardio HIIT Tabata lasts for 20 minutes with 8 sets, each of which include 5 20-second exercises followed by 10 seconds of rest each.

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Cardio HIIT 2020
Cardio HIIT Outing 2018

Martial Arts - ITC Kungfu

Martial Arts, specifically Kung Fu, brings plenty of health advantages which include improved personal energy and flexibility, enhanced strength, and conditioning of the body as a whole as well as benefiting the mental and emotional states of those who practice it regularly.

ITC Tabata Plank

Tabata Plank is a great exercise to keep in shape. Practicing properly, with technical standards and regularly will bring us easily noticeable effects such as reducing belly fat, more flexible muscles, increasing metabolism and improving posture, increasing ability to keep the balance.

Yoga & Fountain of Youth

Yoga & Fountain of Youth are favorite subjects of ITC women because of a numerous of benefits these subjects bring. Not only helps the body to be flexible and enhance the health but also maintain the beauty of youth.

Fountain of Youth


At ITC, our staff health and safety are always our top concern. Therefore, the Board of Directors and ITC Trade Union continuously seek to find clean and safe food sources and maintain a collective kitchen with balanced nutrition and healthy cooking regime.

In addition, during the global and nation-wide breakout of Covid-19 pandemic, all possible precautionary measures as well as vaccinations are implemented ct our people and their families.

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