Outside the yard, swallows are flying

Welcoming Tet with joyful wishes

The spring buds are blossoming in colorful hues

Welcoming Tet with bustling excitement

In the songs and laughter, the sky is filled with joy, heralding Tet. Our ITC family temporarily sets aside the year-end busyness, eagerly packing our bags to embark on a journey and greet the 2024 New Year on January 19-20 at An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs, Hoa Binh.

Hoa Binh welcomes us with warm sunshine after days of drizzling rain in the capital. Taking a deep breath, the fresh, airy atmosphere of nature blows away the fatigue of the 2-hour winding journey. Coming to An Lac, the ITC family once again has the opportunity to come closer together with many exciting "firsts". It's the first time in a clean and tidy dormitory room with colleagues, the first time trying bamboo-cooked rice - a specialty of the mountainous region, and the first time partying so heartily on New Year's Eve.

Members of ITC experience making bamboo-cooked rice.

Under the romantic sunset, we, the ITC brothers and sisters, eagerly prepare for the most important event of the year - the 2023 Year-End Party & Welcoming the Spring of 2024, gathering together to look back on the past Year of the Cat and prepare for the upcoming Year of the Dragon with new beliefs, hopes, and successes.

Before the Year-End-Party

Lively Latin music combined with confident, alluring Zumba dance moves from the beautiful ladies of ITC brought a captivating and fiery performance, igniting the passion of all the brothers and sisters to give their all in this unforgettable night.

In this enthusiastic atmosphere, Chairman Nguyen Quang Son - the founder of ITC, and Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc - CEO, represented the company's leadership and sincerely expressed their gratitude to all members for their dedication and wholehearted efforts for the common home of ITC. They also encouraged and inspired ITCers to have confidence in a 2024 ready for change, filled with remarkable successes.

Chairman of the Board - Mr. Nguyen Quang Son's Speech at the 2023 Year-End Party

CEO - Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc's Speech at the 2023 Year-End Party

Continuing the program, in harmony with the Tet atmosphere spreading throughout the country, the beautiful and talented women of ITC once again performed graceful and gentle dances to the song "Chúc Tết Mọi Nhà." The joyous and enthusiastic spirit, along with wishes for a peaceful and happy new year, spread to every member.

A representative of the leadership team opened a bottle of champagne.

The ITC brothers and sisters raise their glasses to toast the new year.

Arriving in Hoa Binh, far from the glamorous capital, 2023 Year-End Party was particularly special for us as we had the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Mường dances and Sập dances - unique cultural features of the highland ethnic groups that added an extra spark to the atmosphere of the party.

The atmosphere became even more lively with the segment that is always eagerly anticipated at all ITC parties: Lucky Draw. True to its name, this program always keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting to see if luck is on their side. This time, the organizers prepared a shower of prizes with the hope of bringing lots of luck and happiness to everyone in the new year.

To conclude the program, there was a karaoke session where departments and members of the company sang their hearts out. All members were able to fully express their joy and happiness. It is hoped that these beautiful memories will always remain in the hearts of ITCers, about a truly special ITC family, where each individual is able to fully develop their potential, and together, contribute to the growing strength of ITC.

ITC - Unity - Confidence - Victory!