Customer: Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA)

  1. Demand

MOFA have the needs for security for data connectivity as well as for voice services, video conferencing on a large scale with the Embassies across the world based on the data center in Vietnam.

  1. Solution

On the basis of actual demand and our actual assessment, analysis, ITC consulted and success- fully   deployed   solutions   for   Ministry of Foreign.

  • LAN Planning ;
  • Established multi-layer firewalls provided by different vendors to ensure the maximum security control at the network access point as well as among the various network layers;
  • Set up the authentication system: not only deployed access policies and common access management, we also deployed authentication solution 2 elements with the management of the most modern token card;
  • Set up a system to detect and prevent attacks the network at NIPS level and server/PC/laptop HIPS ;
  • Establish and review systems to detect vulner abilities to help Admin can regularly scan for detecting vulnerabilities in LAN and WAN at the Embassies;
  • Set bandwidth management system to ensure the quality policy for different types of services , especially the services which require real  time  such as voice, video or special data services of MOFA;
  • Network Management Software.
  1. Benefit
  • Ensure trustable transmission system and discussions among embassies in countries with  Vietnam;
  • Being highly evaluated in the security