Customer: MobiFone Corporation

1- Demand

Telecommunication services have been more and more developing, which raises the demand for mobile data access. The explosive growth in the number of 4G subscribers and the transmission speed assurance for users require the telecom and mobile service provider to have a core mobile network with fast processing speed, scalability, stability and high security. To meet this urgent demand, ITC JSC provided MobiFone Ericsson's 4G LTE Core Mobile Network System.

2- Solution

Ericsson's 4G LTE Core Mobile Network System provided a large and high-speed 4G data-transferring system for MobiFone in three regions. The EPC system provided by ITC includes entities:

  • MME (Mobility Management Entity): Responsible for handling ground control functions, involve subscriber and session management.
  • Serving Gateway: The connecting position of data packet communication with E-UTRAN. It also acts as a routing node to other 3GPP techniques.
  • P-Gateway (Packet Data Network): The end point for sessions directing to external data packet network. It is also a router to the Internet.


3- Benefit

  • Providing EPC system with outstanding speed and stability to meet the developing demands of MobiFone’s 4G subscribers.
  • Helping MobiFone launch new services directly, from machine to machine in a convenient and easy way.