Customer: MobiFone Corporation

1- Demand

The tremendous growth in the number of subscribers, the ever-increasing demand for quality and service diversification require telecom and mobile service provider as MobiFone to have a core network with large switching power, large bandwidth, openness, security and high stability, which urge MobiFone to upgrade its existing MSS system.

2- Solution

  • Provide equipment and deploy MSC-S & MGW of Ericsson in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Deploy MSS pool between MSS Ericson systems including expansion and existing systems in three regions.

3- Benefit

  • Enhancing the network capacity to meet the development of Mobifone subscribers in the coming years;
  • Optimizing Mobifone MSS system configuration.
  • Stable system and high security.
  • Simple and easy in operation.