Customer: Viettel Group

1- Demand After one year of permission, the Ministry of Information and Communications has recently granted a license to provide cable TV services to Viettel Group to participate in the payment television market. According to statistics in 2013, when Viettel officially joined the market, Vietnam had 3 million cable television subscribers, covering 15% of the country's households and the majority of VTV's market share. 2- Solution ITC’s SubHeadend system solutions were deployed in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide and were integrated by solutions of Motorola (digital signal), ATX (analog signal) and Cisco.


3- Benefit

  • Frequency spectrum is often used in CATV networks 87-860MHz. This wide bandwidth enables the cable television network to provide a much greater number of channels than traditional television.
  • In the CATV network, the signal is transmitted in optical and coaxial cable, which helps limit the penetration of noise and minimize the effects of weather on signal quality.
  • The quality of the cable television network is unaffected by terrain, not covered by tall buildings. CATV is particularly suited to densely populated cities.
  • CATV networks do not use antennas to enhance the beauty of the city and intergrade additional services including voice, internet, video on demand, etc. on cable television networks.